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Company History

Serpaga Inc., a manufacturers’representative and distributor, was established in February 1970 industrial maintenance company, specialzed inchemical and mechanical cleaning.Initially, Serpaga facilities in Puerto Rico, after expanding its market successfully to serve water and wastewater reatment processes and ndusryin general throughoutPueto Rico the Dominican Republic, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean basin. In our efforts to improve our services to the demands of our customers, Serpaga formed three divisions; (1)PoDvisi, (2)Water Divisionand (3)Indstry DivisionAs the names imply, we handlepower generating equipment and service peripherals and replacement parts, water and wastewater treatment equipment and service, as well as, equipment required in industry processes, respectively.Since its establishment, Serpaga has handled well over 500 million dollars in publcand private projects, equipment and service. Professional know-how,continued education and state-of-the-art technology, combined with a visionary staff and strategic teamwork, has bee the founao of our success.



(Presidente SERPAGA)
Professional Engineer graduated from UPR Mayaguez Campus in 1974 electrical engineering.Worked at PREPA for 32 years in multiple positions up to executive director from 2005-2007.Married and at present president of SERPAGA INC .Menber of Junta de Gobierno de AAA desde el 2005 al 2007


BS in chemistry fromthe University of the City of New York. His professional career began at Consolidated Edison Co. of New York,in 1951, where his last position was General Chemist at the Indian Pon Nuclear Power Plant. In 1962, he was contracted to be Chief Chemist at the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. In 1970, he founded PASSCO, Iand INDUCHEM SERVICES, INC., where he has been At present, Mr. Pagán is the Chairman of the Board of PICorporationformer Empresas Pagán, which is the holding company for Serpaga, INCINDUCHEM SERVICES, INC.AND KD CONTRACTORS, INC.,.He served three years in the U.S. Army Security Agency from which he was honorably discharged. He ia very distinguished social and cultural lithe Puerto Rican communicant active many professional, civic and cultural organizations in Puerto Rico.


BSME from he University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus n 1962. Post graduate courses toward MSME. Completed Practical Fossil Power Plant Engineer Program (equivalent o graduate evel). ProfessionalEngineer (P. E.) Lic 4177,ChiefEngineer in Empresas Freight and JulioCanals, Inc., Ponce, Puerto Rico 1962. Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority from 1963-1993, reaching the followingpositions: ChiefEngineer Supervisor, Test and Result Engineer, Steam Performance Engineer Section Chief, Engineer Supervisor Reliable and Economic Section, Projec Manager Technical Advisor and Assistant for Engineering and Construction Division, Assistant and Advisor for Engineering Directorate, Alternate President Permanent Board of Bids, Sales and Consultant Engineerng for ESBOW,1993. Joined SerpagaInc. ilate 1993 and was appointed Business Reations Manager of Empresas Pagán (Passco, Inc., Induchem Services, nc., and Induchem Environmental Services, nc.), before the transformation to PIK Corporation. Asof January 1999, he was named Vice-Presidentand partner of Serpaga, Inc. As of January 2001, he was named President of Serpaga


BSEE from the University of Puerto Rico, MayagüezCampus in 1965. Most significant courses and seminars: Power Generation Seminar provided by Mc. Graw Edison Sevice Group, Advance Course on Power Systems provided by Westinghouse Electric Co., Cable Failure Clinic provided by Wisconsin University, National Association of Corrosion Engineers –Course 1. Professional Engineer (P. E.)Lic. 5501. Retired with 30 years of experience from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority during 1965-1992, reaching the following positions:Generating Plants Electrical Maintenance Superintendent, Substation Maintenance Supervisor, Plant Electrical Engineer Assistance, Leader of the Non Schedule Group of the Substation Maintenance Section. Sales Engineer for OccidentalInternationfrom 1992-1994. Sale & Service Engineer for R. G. Engineering, Inc. from 1994-1997. Joined Serpaga, Inc. in 2004 and was appointed Executive Sales Engineer.



>>Repowering Project of Units 5 & 6 of San Juan Steam Plant. This project ivthe replacement of two old units build in 1956 of 44 MW each with two combined cycle units of 232 MW each. Passco represents the main contractor, Abengoa.

>>Provide main and auxiliary transformer (Hyundai Transformer) for the repowering Project.

>>Replacement of 8, 25MW each, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) at Aguirre Combined Cycle Plant by Senior Engineering.

>>Prevention of water induction to Units 1&2of Palo Seco Steam Pln an Uns of South Coast Power Plant.

>>Constructions of a Waste Water Treatment Plant at South Coast Power Plant.

>>Provide and install various Highand Tanks oil water separatorsaSan Ja, Aguirreand Mayagüez Power Plant.

>>Generator Rotor rewindandon site Stator repair performed by National Electric Coil nseveral power plants from 20 to 410 MW.

>>Cerrey Boiler tubes for several units of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (P.R.E.P.A)

>>Repa of Cooling Towers of Units 3 & 4 of Palo Seco Steam Plat.

>>Supply and install various plante and tubular batteries for substations and power plants.

>>Taprogge condense ball cleaning system for Units 3 & 4 of SouthCoast Steam Plant.

>>Taprogge condenser debris filters for Units 7 & 8 of San Juan Steam Plant.

>>Supply and install of 6,048 tubuar batteries for PREPA’s BESS Plant of 20 MW.

>>Supply of various pats for GE Frame 7 and 5 gas turbine.

>>Supply of various inlet and exast ducts for GE Frame 7.

>>Main Power Transformer repairs performed by Ohio Transformer from 10 to 570 MW.

>>Design and build a new injection piping for the existing Demi Pant of Palo Seco Steam Plant.


Northwest Regona Aqueduct System. Super-Acueduct.Muncipalities of Arecibo through San Juan, P. R.

>>Improvemets to Morois Sur andMorovis Vieja Water Treatments Plants. Morovis, P. R.

>>Improvemets to Quebradillas Water Treatment Plant. Quebradills

>>Cordilleras Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation. Ciales, P. R.

>>Corozal Urban, WTPBooster Pump Station Pump Replacement and Padilla Inline

>>Booster Pump Stations Pump Replacement. Corozal, P. R.

>>Improvements to the Booster Pumps Stations of Jagüey I, Jagüey II, Laguna II y Cerro Gordo.

>>Munipalities of Aguada an Moc

>>Caguitas Raw Water Pumps Station and Intake. Caguas, P.R.

>>La Virgencita Raw Water Pumping Station. Toa Baja, P. R.

>>Improvemets to Cerr Caneeo No. II and Catañ

>>Booster Pumps Stations. Humacao, P. R.

>>Rehailitation of the Gurab Water Treatment Plant. Gurabo, P. R.

>>Improvemets to Arrayaes I y II, Los Márquez y Las

>>Coles Booster Pump Stations and Estancias del

>>Madrigal Dstribution Reservoir.

>>Muncipalities of Caolna and Rio Grande, P. R.

>>Improvements to El Convento Nuevo DR and Booster

>>Station and Rehabilitation of the Cuchillas y Palos

>>Blancos Water Distribution Systems.

>>Muncipalities of Toa Alta and Corozal, P. R.



Tanamá Water Treatment Plant Distribution Pumping Station. Adjuntas, P. R.

Improvements to Altamira DR an Booster Pump Station.Fajardo, P. R.

Improvements to Palmarito Inlne Booster Station and

Barrio Ners Pumping Station. Corozal, P. R.

Total Rehabilitation of Storm Sewage Pumping Station.Mayaguez, P. R.

Total Rehabilitation of Storm Sewage Pumping Station.Mayagüez, P. R.

Rehabilitation of Existing Water Filter Plant at Bo.Cubuy.Canóaa, P. R.

SistemasdeAguasDual, Centro deServicios Multiusos,BarrioBarrazas, Carina, P. R.

Design andConstruction of Improements to LosFiltrosWater Filtration Plant.Guaynabo, P.R.

Improvements toPlantadeFiltraciónSergio Cuevas.

Automated cleaning process of the filters and others. Trujillo Alto, P. R.

Improvemets to ElDuqueWater Treatment Plant.Nagub, P. R.

Rehabilitation toYabucoaWater Treatment Plant Yabuco, P. R.

Improvements toGuajatacaWater Treatment Plant. Quebradills

San Lorenzo Urban Water Filter Plant Upgades. San Loenzo, P. R.